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Hailing from New York City, from the Bushwick area in Brooklyn comes a Hip-Hop artist whose work ethic, creativity and lyrical style are as key to his brand as his goal of being a true artist. Presice and the power behind Talent Over Hype began his career selling CDs on the discerning streets of Brooklyn but began to catch momentum in 2010. Since then Presice has been featured in Hip Hop Weekly magazine, interviewed on Shady 45, Hot 97 and posted on Vibe and XXL magazine’s online publications. To date, Presice has released several popular videos, a handful of mixtapes, an original full length project titled "Sound Therapy" and an EP titled "Preseason". He's is currently working on his debut album which will focus on his coming of age years in Bushwick due out  2018.

Presice credits his stage name to a college friend inspired by late night freestyle sessions and campus sports. Before his musical journey Presice was a rising basketball talent with a promising career. The challenges he faced in the household with a mother on drugs and older brother in and out of jail pushed him to use basketball as an outlet to distract him from the day to day hardships. After graduating high school, he would shortly escape these struggles by making it on to the Buffalo State College Bengals Varsity team as a walk-on freshmen. Due to his mothers worsening condition with drug addiction he would drop out of school a year later to be by her side. Shortly after her passing he would meet Nabumba Smith of Boomtown Management, a seasoned and well-known artist manager in the music industry. Smith saw much promise in Presice and began developing him as an artist.

After some years of artist development, natural maturation and reflecting on his early days of sports, Presice created "Talent Over Hype" as a platform to represent him and those who focus on the continual improvement of their abilities and goal of longevity.  "Talent Over Hype" shows in Presice through the growing underground fanbase he’s been solidifying over the years but also with his consistency and dedication to become a mainstream artist representing what he calls "Swag & Substance", both showcasing the fun sides of life but also some unfortunate circumstances apart of his coming of age story. 

Having his own style and witty lyricism, Presice pushes the envelope further with storyline music videos never afraid to step out the rap persona to drive the message through.  

As for now, Presice is confident in the impact he will make with his debut album.  Unlike any of his previous releases, this album will focus on the personal pains he faced growing up in such an unstable household and environment, but also how he made away out of them. The story is of a poor black boy from bushwick who pushed it releasing 2018.